Fourth Grader Shuts Down Math Problem By Invoking Girl Code


A fourth grader's answer to a math problem shows the power of "girl code."

Maddy Douglas was filling out a worksheet for homework when she came across a question about the dating patterns of a group of high schoolers.

Jenn Douglas

In the question scenario, a group of four boys and a group of four girls go on dates in many different couple combinations.

"I can't answer this problem because my mom says acoording to girl code you shouldn't date a friends x boyfriend," Maddy wrote in response to the question. Her mom shared a photo of the question on the HuffPost Parents' Facebook page with the hashtag #girlcodetrumpscommoncore.

Maddy's mom Jenn Douglas said she was shocked when her daughter showed her the math problem. "Maddy had never really seen me disgusted in that type of manner," she told The Huffington Post. "She could see my disgust and said 'Didn't you tell me that you shouldn't date your friend's ex-boyfriend?'"

Douglas was proud of her daughter's response, but she also wondered about the appropriateness of the question.

"I consider myself to be a completely open-minded type person and as a single mom, try to teach my children about equality and about different types of people they will encounter, but my first reaction was it was not an appropriate question for a fourth grader or really any grade," Douglas said.

Beyond the Facebook likes, Maddy's answer was well-received when she turned in her worksheet at school on Friday.

Douglas told HuffPost, "Her teacher laughed at her answer and told her 'Good point.'"

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