Fourth Of July Crafts: A DIY Block Flag That's Hot On Pinterest

Salute Our Country With This Sweet Flag

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This week we brought you another batch of must-follow Pinterest accounts. (Want to be in the running for next week's list? Just click 'Send Us A Tip' at the bottom of this post with your account's URL.) Now, just in time for the Fourth of July, we bring you one of the most popularly-pinned crafts that will help you celebrate this holiday in style: an easy DIY twist on the classic American flag. Take a peek at this fun and patriotic craft from Brown Paper Packages:

fourth of july crafts on pinterest
Photo by Kierste W. of Brown Paper Packages.

You'll need:

At least a three-foot piece of 2"x4" lumber
Red, blue and white craft paint
Foam paint brush
Card stock (or any other thick paper)
Exacto knife

Perfect for indoors or outdoors, these rustic wooden flag blocks will definitely show off your patriotic side. To start you'll need to cut your blocks from pieces of lumber. You'll need two 7-inch long blocks and four 3.5-inch long blocks. First, stack the two longer blocks on top of each other. Place the four 3.5-inch blocks on top of the longer blocks, two standing up, back to back, and the other two stacked flat. Next paint the front edges of the blocks laying flat, alternating between red and white. These will be your flag's stripes. Next you'll paint the front of the standing block blue. When this dries, draw a three-inch star onto a card stock or any other thick and durable paper, cut it out with an exacto knife, and use it to stencil a star onto the blue block with white paint. Then use your sand paper to smooth the edges and give the paint a distressed finish. You can add a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain for an even more weathered look. Finally, tie the blocks together using a wired ribbon to create a neat little gift for America's birthday.
For the full tutorial, visit Brown Paper Packages.

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