When To Buy Your Fourth Of July Airplane Tickets

It comes as no surprise to basically anyone that Hipmunk is calling July 4th is the biggest travel holiday of the summer. And with Independence Day falling on a Friday this year, you can bet travelers will take advantage of the long weekend.

If you haven't booked your flights yet, there's no need to panic. You still have time.

After evaluating historical data, Hipmunk discovered that the best time to book your July 4th flights is during the week of Memorial Day. Specifically, those who book their flights between May 26 and June 1 could save $150 by not waiting until a later date.

Last year, travelers who booked during the week of Memorial Day spent an average of $417 on airfare. Those who booked three weeks later spent an average of $547 -- 31 percent more than the early bookers.

Memorial Day is a few weeks away, so make your travel plans now and be ready to book by then. For more stats, check out the graph below.

july 4th

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