Fox News Attempts To Get People Scared About Gender-Neutral Bathrooms, Fails Completely

"Fox and Friends" is not happy about Illinois State University's decision to designate some of its bathrooms gender-neutral, but it just couldn't get its viewers to share the sentiment on Thursday.

The university is re-labeling some of its single-stall "family" bathrooms to be "gender-neutral."

Host Steve Doocy ventured outside of the Fox News studio with a mock-up of what the new signs for the bathrooms will look like and try to prove the point in the chyron: "Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?"

fox and friends

But the answer, according to fans gathered on the sidewalk, was a resounding no. Doocy asked a kid what the sign looked like it was for, and the kid replied, "Maybe a family restroom."

Doocy later asked if "all-gender" bathrooms made sense. "Restrooms for both genders," another fan said, nodding her head. The Fox News host appeared momentarily stumped, and then awkwardly claimed that the figure in the middle "has thrown some people." The group, however, wasn't thrown at all.

Back in the studio, there was more awkward silence as co-host Brian Kilmeade responded to the fans' reactions. Watch the segment in the clip above.