'Frozen' Is The Latest Thing That 'Fox And Friends' Thinks Is Ruining America

If anyone can find a way to connect 'Frozen' to the downfall of the American male, it's 'Fox And Friends.'

On Wednesday morning, Steve Doocey devoted an entire segment to the beloved Disney film's secret agenda: emasculation of men everywhere.

"Are movies like the Disney smash hit about an ice queen and her sister empowering girls by turning our men into fools and villains?" Doocey asked. "It would be nice for Hollywood to have more male figures in those kinds of movies," he said later in the segment.

Yes, if only there were more male protagnists in Disney movies! Oh wait...

Doocey also welcomed his female guest (not a fan of 'Frozen,' either) by saying, "thanks for having your children allow you to come be with us on TV while you're normally getting them ready for school and whatnot."