"Fox And Friends" Hosts Worry That Military Needs "Special Debriefings" For Muslims

"Fox And Friends" Hosts Worry That Military Needs "Special Debriefings" For Muslims

On this morning's Fox And Friends, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson were all a-whip with Salem Witch Trial panic over the thought that Nidal Hasan represented some sort of vanguard of deadly Islamist shootings to come.

Kilmeade began the nonsense thusly:

KILMEADE: Do you think it's time for the military to have special debriefings of Muslim Army officers -- anybody enlisted?...Because if I'm going to be deployed in a foxhole, if I'm going to be sticking in an outpost, I got to know the guy next to me is not going to want to kill me.

First of all, as someone who's been unfortunate enough to catch Brian "The Brown Haired One" Kilmeade revealing his personality on the air, my judgment on the matter is that the only foxhole in which Kilmeade is not likely to encounter someone who harbors the desire to do him harm is one in which he is the sole occupant. And even then, who knows? I give even odds!

But it fell to Geraldo Rivera to point out the obvious:

RIVERA: But isn't this the headline, Brian, that there are four or five million American Muslims and how scant and few and far between these horrifying incidents are? It's the same thing in the military. Believe me, I've been in Afghanistan with these guys,in Iraq with these guys. They are treasured for their bilingualism, their multiculturalism, the fact that they can bridge and understand and translate for us.

But then, Gretchen Carlson became concerned with "political correctness," saying, "Could it be that out military was also exercising political correctness -- even though he had a poor performance report, even though he spoke openly about being a radical and had those supposed postings online -- could it be that the military was exercising political correctness in not approaching as seriously as they would have if he had not been a Muslim."

Rivera agreed though he went on to cite government bureaucracy, not political correctness, as the reason those warning signs went unheeded.


By the way, here's a fun fact:

Motorcycle and street gang members have joined the U.S. military and served in Iraq, a new FBI report says.


The Defense Department does not track gang membership in the military. But FBI investigators believe the reduction in enlistment standards -- due to recruitment pressure related to the Iraq War -- has brought more gang members in.

Recruiters are not trained to look for signs of gang membership, the report said. Others ignore criminal records of willing volunteers -- such as the recruiter who concealed the fact that a member of the Latin Kings was awaiting trial for a razor assault on a New York police officer.

So, I'm not sure, exactly how or where "political correctness" enters into this.

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