'Fox And Friends' Mocks Sarah Palin 2012 Announcement (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin got little love from her colleagues at "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning.

Palin announced Wednesday night that she would not be running for the presidency in 2012. Her decision was met with little surprise, but the "Friends" crew went even further, openly mocking her announcement.

"Is that what she said?" co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered, referring to Palin's statement. "It was so circuitous." Gretchen Carlson drew an unflattering contrast between Palin and Chris Christie, the other high-profile potential GOP contender who announced he was not entering the race on Tuesday.

"The difference, I think, between Chris Christie and Sarah Palin ... [was] there were tons of people publicly asking Chris Christie to run for president," Carlson said.

The rebukes are just the latest sign of a potentially fraying relationship between Palin and Fox News. She was widely believed to have enraged CEO Roger Ailes by making her infamous "blood libel" statement about the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Ailes was later reported to feel she was an "idiot" (something he denied) and, just on Wednesday, he told the Associated Press that the only reason he hired her was because she was "hot and got ratings."

Watch (via Politico):