'Fox & Friends' Debate The Merits Of Olympic Pole Dancing (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fox News Tackles The Olympics Again

Happy Monday, folks. Whenever the hosts over at Fox News' morning show discuss Olympic sports and female uniforms, viewers know they are in for a treat.

"Fox & Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson, along with guest hosts Eric Bolling and Tucker Carlson discussed the growing movement to turn competitive pole dancing into an Olympic sport. While producers ran a video of a professional pole dancer, Carlson, Bolling and Carlson wondered how the IOC would respond to such an addition.

"Again, very athletic moves, she's doing a very good job," Bolling said of the woman in the pole dancing video.

Carlon interjected, "But, we should be clear: this is not your grandfather's pole dancing. The uniform -- you can't put a single dollar bill into the uniform if you're in the audience. And I'm quoting now, 'It cannot be done in an overtly erotic manner.' That's like a dog without fur. That's like a pizza without cheese. That can't be."

"Can you imagine, Tucker and Eric, somebody commenting on this? You know how the commentate when this is going on?" Carlson asked.

This is not the first time "Fox & Friends" has tackled the Olympics. When Ralph Lauren debuted the official 2012 Team USA outfits, the "Fox & Friends" hosts voiced their skepticism.

"The big question though is should the American team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like we had when we went to Calgary?" co-host Steve Doocy wondered. "Or why not do something just very American and go topless?"

In fact, the focus on Team USA uniforms stretched beyond Fox News morning hours. After Gabby Douglas' gold medal performance at the women's gymnastics individual all-around competition in London, Fox News host Alisyn Camerota hosted a segment questioning the Olympian's patriotism since her uniform was not adorned with stars and stripes.

"You know, Gabby had that great moment, and everyone was so excited, and she's in hot pink," Camerota said at the time, pointing out how other teams wore nationalistic colors during the competition.

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