Fox Business Network Flops In The Ratings

We know several people who watch the Fox Business Network, but that's because all of them appear on the newly launched cable channel from time to time. The rest of America, it seems, is soundly ignoring News Corp.'s newest offering: Nielsen says an average of 6,300 people a day watched FBN in the first two months of its launch last fall -- a little more than 2% of CNBC's audience of 283,000.

Nielsen doesn't officially track FBN, but both Fox and CNBC pay for private data on the channel, and someone (any guesses?) leaked the numbers to the New York Times. Tons of caveats here: CNBC is carried in 3x as many households as Fox is; the numbers for both networks don't reflect workplace viewing; we don't have numbers to compare Fox News or CNBC's launches, so it's hard to put FBN's stats in context.

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