Fox Anchor Makes Barney Frank-Themed Gay Sex Joke (After Criticizing 'Tea Bag' Humor)

Fox Anchor Makes Barney Frank-Themed Gay Sex Joke (After Criticizing 'Tea Bag' Humor)

Look at me today, weighing in on the appropriateness and inappropriateness of various forms of humor today, like some learned cultural critic, or something!

Well, we've already established: I don't care for the whole "real person might die, ha ha funny" style of humor. Not for me! But as you probably know, I can go in for a good dirty joke time and time again. I said, "Sex is increasing exponentially!" on CNBC last Friday night and I used to guest blog over at Wonkette before I came here (the old, sex-obsessed Wonkette, not the new anger-enslavement version), so you all know where I stand: on very shaky ground where meeting your parents is concerned.

And I make no bones, for example, about loving me some Tea Party teabagging jokes! Indeed, those jokes are the only really positive thing those Tea Parties gave America. (And that's a good thing! That's one more thing than those IMF protesters with their puppets and piss-balloons and the way they busted up a local Wachovia, FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE!) But I remember people getting all worked up about how MSNBC managed to set the land speed record for teabagging puns. ( actually ran a story headlined, "Cable Anchors, Guests Use Tea Parties as Platform for Frat House Humor." WHY IS THAT?

BOLLING: And appropriately positioned, Representative Barney Frank, catching of course.

HA. See what Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling did there, with Barney Frank? It's a wonder that more people don't watch this "Street Meat" show, your one stop shop for sodomizing the recession!

Fox News: Teabagging Jokes Not Funny

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