'Fox & Friends' Thinks The New Captain America Hates Them

Make Captain America great again.

You'd think that Captain America and Fox News would be a match made in heaven. For one, they both wear their love of all things U.S.A. right on their sleeves.

But now "Fox & Friends" is angry that the latest iteration of the comic book hero appears to be "going up against conservatives," as comic "expert" and Fox News correspondent Clayton Morris claimed in a weekend segment. 

Co-host Tucker Carlson expressed frustration that the latest enemy of the Sam Wilson Captain America -- who was introduced on "The Colbert Report" in June 2014 -- is just "an American who has misgivings upon unlimited illegal immigration and the costs associated with it." Carlson continued, "That, according to the comic book, is evil."

Heather Childers, another co-host, chimed in that Marvel should do a comic book on the opposite of this premise, with a story on "the people who are working the border to keep us safe." She later added, "Keep politics out of comic books, that's what I say."

Perhaps the best quote came from the "expert" Morris, when he lamented about the times "back in the day" when "Captain America used to be punching Hitler in the face." 

Is what's "wrong" with America that we're just not punching people like we used to?

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