'Fox & Friends' Attacks Editor Who Exposed Climate Change Censorship

Fox Hosts Attack Editor Who Revealed Secrets

"Fox & Friends" decided to get its revenge on Scientific American editor Michael Moyer after Moyer tweeted that the show's producers had barred him from discussing climate change.

Moyer said he had been explicitly told to "pick something else" when he said he thought climate change was an important "future trend" to talk about. His decision to air this behind-the-scenes chat, as well as his subsequent tweets mocking the politics and some of the staffers on the show, led Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and guest co-host Anna Kooiman to spend nearly 5 minutes of their Thursday show getting back at Moyer.

As the program's chyrons dubbed him a "coward," each of the hosts tore into Moyer.

"We put him on, we have a nice conversation, and then he stabs us in the back," Doocy complained.

As for climate change, Kooiman said that the show's producers decided what to air, not Moyer. She said Moyer had talked about "things that actually matter" instead.

For good measure, Kilmeade then told viewers to tweet their anger at Moyer personally.

Watch the video for the clip from Fox News.

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