'Fox And Friends' Co-Host Says 'The View' Is Missing Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has said she feels at home on the "Fox and Friends" set where she debuted in September, but is her old family at "The View" missing out?

That's what Hasselbeck's co-host Eric Bolling said Wednesday morning, referring to the "View's" recent interview with Vice President Joe Biden. Bolling said that without Hasselbeck on the couch, no one on the talk show challenged Biden's comments.

"You know what they miss?" Bolling said. "They miss you holding his feet to the fire saying, 'Come on! What are you, kidding me?'"

Hasselbeck left the "View" in July to head over to Fox News, leaving the show without its house conservative. Bolling said that without Hasselbeck, the co-hosts failed to ask any strong follow-up questions of the vice president, and called out Whoopi Goldberg for sitting there and nodding "mhmm."

"This is outrageous," he said. Hasselbeck did not comment directly on the "View" co-hosts, but said that Biden did "miss the mark" on his claims about health care for women on the show.

Watch the video for the full clip on Fox News.

(h/t: Mediaite)



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