Fox Gives Rush Limbaugh 30 Minutes To Tee Off On Obama (VIDEO)

The Obama White House has, for the past few weeks, waged an informal war on Fox News, lashing out against the network for its conservative bias and blacklisting it from interviews with high-ranking administration officials.

So what type of counter-punch did Fox have to offer?

On Sunday they handed over the first half of their hour-long Sunday show to an interview with bombastic radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh

A hard-hitting interview it surely wasn't.

Host Chris Wallace let Limbaugh tee off on all facets of the Obama agenda, domestic and foreign. The radio talk show accused the president of not caring about success in Afghanistan. "I know this is going to sound controversial but I don't think he cares," he said, before accusing Obama of "dithering" on whether or not to send more troops to the theater. "If he cared about it, Chris if he cared about it we've got soldiers and their families worrying about what we are going to do."

Wallace let him go on, relatively uninterrupted. Limbaugh accused Obama of not wanting victory in Afghanistan, just, merely, a manageable situation. He said the president was trying to placate his base by taking his time before sending more troops. And he insisted that the president's visit to Dover air force base to see the returning coffins of U.S. soldiers was an opportunistic "photo-op." He concluded by questioning Obama's "commitment to national security" as well as the Democratic Party's " commitment to the U.S. military."

"They will put their political survival and their political power being gained over everything else," he bellowed. As evidence, Limbaugh insisted that throughout the Iraq War, "it was Barack Obama and the Democratic Party which actively sought the defeat of the U.S. military."

On the home front, the radio show host was equally caustic. He called the White House's economic agenda "a total attempt to remake the country" and accused various portions of Obama's health care proposal to be unconstitutional. In a reflection of just how soft the interview was at times, Wallace turned at one point to viewer questions.

"If President Obama were to agree to a question what would you ask him," the question read.

"I love Fox viewers! I love them!" Limbaugh had chimed in right before.

The interview did, at one point, turn personal. Wallace managed to sneak in a few questions about Limbaugh's addiction to painkillers and allowed the talk show host to go off for a bit on the NFL (for denying his bid to purchase a football team). But for thirty minutes, it was an exercise in turning the White House a punching bag. What are your thoughts on Vice President Biden, Wallace asked at one point.

"Pompous, a bit of a windbag, and wrong," Limbaugh replied.

"About?" said Wallace, with the slightest of amused grins on his face.

"Pretty much everything," Limbaugh concluded.