Fox Guest Host Suggests Making Undocumented Immigrants Build U.S.-Mexico Wall

"Then when the wall’s finished, then they get amnesty."
<p>"The Five" guest co-host <a href="">Jesse Watters</a> suggested undocumented immigrants earn amnesty by building <a href="">Donald Trump</a>'s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. </p>

"The Five" guest co-host Jesse Watters suggested undocumented immigrants earn amnesty by building Donald Trump's wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fox News

A Fox News guest host suggested Monday that undocumented immigrants earn their right to stay in the U.S. by helping build the wall Donald Trump would like to see go up along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jesse Watters, a guest co-host on "The Five," proposed the idea after the other hosts lambasted GOP candidate Trump's plan to "keep the [undocumented immigrants'] families together" when he deports them.

“Here’s what we do with them," Watters said. "Maybe we send them down to the border. Maybe the illegal alien families build the wall. Then when the wall’s finished, then they get amnesty. That’s called earned amnesty.”

He also suggested that NBC reporter Chuck Todd, who questioned Trump's planned immigration policy on Sunday's episode of "Meet the Press," house undocumented immigrants if he's so worried about their fates.

"I love how Chuck Todd’s out there sitting, whining about where are these deported illegal aliens gonna go," Watters said. "Where are they gonna go? Hey, Chuck, why don’t you put them up at your place? I mean he’s got room. He’s a compassionate guy. He’s probably got a big mansion."

Watter's support for Trump's immigration policy seemed to infuriate regular host Dana Perino.

"I would love to see you ... find some families, round them up and say, ‘Sorry, I know you’ve been here for several years. I know your children were born here in the Bronx. But you, you’re from Costa Rica. You’re all out of here,'" she said. "Because I don’t want to see any federal employee have to do what is so asinine that you’re coming up with."

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