Fox With Its Head Stuck In A Jar Approaches 2 Men For Help (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Amazing Moment A Trapped Fox Approaches Men For Help

Wild foxes aren't known to hang around humans too often, but that changed for one little fox that turned to two men for help after getting stuck in a jar.

Two men walking along a dirt road in Russia came upon a red fox with its head stuck in a glass jar. The fox walked toward them, and one of the men bent down to help. He grabbed the jar, pulled the scruff of the animal's neck and freed it.

As the kit scampered away, the man joked, "Where's my thank you?" according to a Huffington Post translation.

Red foxes are able to live in many different locales and have been able to adapt to human environments, according to National Geographic. The animal's resourcefulness has earned it a reputation for being both intelligent and cunning.

Alas, litter got the best of this kit, and it isn't the only animal to suffer such a fate recently. On Saturday, Pennsylvania police rescued a young bear whose head was stuck in a plastic jar for at least 11 days, according to the Associated Press. Likewise, officers in Florida's Big Pine Key saved a deer that got its head stuck in a bag of Doritos chips.

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