Fox Host Jokes About Setting Up 'American Ninja Warrior' Course At Mexico Border

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said that “whoever can make it” will “get through” to the U.S.

Fox Business Network host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery joked on Thursday about installing an “American Ninja Warrior”-style obstacle course on the U.S.-Mexico border to stem immigration.

Kennedy, who was appearing as a panelist on the Fox News program “The Five,” said only those immigrants who completed the notoriously difficult challenge would be allowed to enter the U.S.

“If you think about the kind of people you want to have in this country, you want people who are hardworking, people who are ethical, people who look out for their families and their communities and people who are very physically strong,” Kennedy said.

“So I think we need to set up an ‘American Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course at the border and whoever can make it, you can’t fake it, they get through,” she added.

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump threatened via Twitter to shut down the U.S. border with Mexico. He baselessly claimed that Central American countries were letting criminals travel toward the U.S.

Kennedy’s quip drew some ire on social media, with former Vermont governor and Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean calling her an “idiot.”

Kennedy retorted by describing Dean as a “humorless wretch.”

The former MTV VJ also took aim at political analyst Matthew Dowd:

Check out Kennedy’s full comments from the 4:30 minute mark here: