Fox Host Calls George Santos A Liar, Urges Him To Stay In Congress Anyway

Fox Business' Kennedy asked the lying lawmaker about OnlyFans, banana peels, "Catch Me If You Can," volleyball and Madonna in the friendly interview.

Fox Business anchor Kennedy concluded a friendly interview with Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) on Wednesday with a series of questions that highlighted his penchant for fabrication.

She also urged Santos to stay in Congress.

Kennedy, after allowing serial fabulist Santos to skirt around his pre-election lies, asked if the first-term lawmaker has an OnlyFans page and whether he can peel a banana with his feet.

“I don’t have one,” Santos replied. “I’ll indulge you this. I just discovered what OnlyFans was about three weeks ago when it was brought up in a discussion in my office. I was oblivious to the whole concept.”

“You just can’t tell the truth,” Kennedy, whose full name is Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, said under her breath.

Watch the video here:

Kennedy later asked Santos if he’d watched the Tom Hanks-Leonardo DiCaprio fraudster film “Catch Me If You Can,” asked him to name his favorite volleyball player (a reference to Santos’ sporting lies), and wondered whether inventing penicillin or being Madonna’s backup dancer was more satisfying.

“George, you’ve been a great sport,” the Fox host said at the end. “I do appreciate you. And until they kick all the other liars out of Congress, I think you better stay put because you actually do have some good legislation.”

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