Fox Joins Commuters On The Top Deck Of A Bus Like It's No Big Deal

It hitched a free ride in London on Monday morning.

Rush hour commuters in London were joined by an unexpected traveling companion on Monday morning.

A fox, who presumably didn't pay a fare, confidently sauntered onto the busy number 12 bus as if doing so was part of its everyday routine.

Passenger Andrew Woodcock said the fox crept along the aisle towards the staircase, climbed the steps and paused at the top — perhaps searching for a seat.

After realizing the animal was on board, the driver stopped the bus near The Imperial War Museum and opened the doors. Woodcock, political editor of the Press Association, told the Evening Standard that the fox "trotted down the stairs and hopped out onto the pavement."

Although it appeared to be calm, Woodcock said the fox left "a liquid offering on the top step, so I guess it can't have been quite as cool as it seemed."

It's unclear exactly where the fox boarded the bus, but it's believed to have traveled around 1 mile. Woodcock tweeted the above photograph of the bizarre incident, and the image is now going viral.