Fox Moves the Slime From Obama to Anderson Cooper

Like Karen Russell I have been heartened by how thoroughly and how quickly the sane have slapped back the swiftboating rabid right in their attempt to slime both Obama and Clinton with this latest fantasy about Barack Obama having studied at a radical Islamic school. After more than a decade the MSM is finally wising up to the fact that the extreme-right-wing echo chamber rings hollow. We all have to stay forever diligent against their poison, but it seems that for now at least their playbook is played out.

Yet when caught lying they don't just take their lumps, they slime again, albeit in a witty way that made me first laugh out loud before I realized how scummy they were (again) acting.

Anderson Cooper chided Fox for not performing even a minimal amount of fact checking before running with a story that served the ends of their masters. When asked for a response here is what Irena Briganti, a Fox News spokesperson, told the New York Times on the record and for attribution: "Yet another cry for attention by the Paris Hilton of television news, Anderson Cooper."

Couldn't she have been a man about it (like Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington) and just called him a faggot?

--Trey Ellis