Fox News Guest Claims 9/11 Hijack Victims Weren't 'Freethinkers'

Mark Steyn said the only ones who acted "freeborn" were on Flight 93.

A discussion on the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” took an unexpected turn on Thursday. 

Carlson was speaking with Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone and conservative commentator Mark Steyn about the recent series of high-profile flight disturbances aboard United, American and Delta aircraft.

Casone argued that passengers should follow crew instructions. Then, Steyn brought up the Sept. 11 terror attacks.  

“On 9/11, guys with boxcutters killed thousands of people,” Steyn said in a segment posted online by Media Matters. “That is because everybody was following the 1970’s airline hijack procedures and did as they were told.” 

Steyn said Sept. 11 victims didn’t “act as freethinking individuals except on Flight 93.” Although passengers on that plane overpowered the hijackers, the aircraft crashed in rural Pennsylvania. Everyone on board was killed.

“That was the only one where freeborn citizens actually acted like freeborn citizens,” Steyn said. “And that’s the lesson of the day.” 

Earlier in the segment, he claimed air travel was the “most regulated aspect of American life.”

“This is what, if Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi had their way, life would be like this on the ground,” Steyn said. “The airline cabin is the most hyper-regulated aspect of American life and you have no rights.”



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