Fox News Airs Ad For Trumpy Bear And People On Twitter Aren't Sure It's Real

The commercial for the bear that looks like Donald Trump is a local ad, according to Fox News.

Viewers of Fox News were given the gift of learning about Trumpy Bear on Monday morning in a campy advertisement shilling a stuffed teddy bear resembling President Donald Trump.

A journalist at Vox tweeted about the commercial:

The ad for Trumpy Bear ― yes, it’s the actual name of the product ― features a bear with Trump’s signature comb-over, white cuffs, a collar and a red tie seated on a motorcycle, riding in a golf cart and even snuggled up in a chair.

Perhaps the most bizarre facet of the bear is that it has a secret pocket that reveals an American flag blanket.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Fox News’ senior vice president of eastern sales, Dom Rossi, explained the commercial is a local ad and the network does “not do business with them nationally.”

Trumpy Bear appears to have been around since at least mid-2017, with similar advertisements to the one that aired on Monday popping up all over YouTube. This latest resurgence, though, has brought people out of the woodwork to ask: Is this real?

Luckily, Snopes did everyone a service by fact-checking the bear’s existence and informing readers: “Trumpy Bear is real. The commercial is real, not a spoof (although some moments appear to have been written with tongue firmly in cheek). And the bear itself is a real product available for purchase.”

The reaction to the bear popping up again has been a treat in and of itself:

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