Fox News' Andrea Tantaros Tells Listeners To 'Punch' Obama Voters 'In The Face' (AUDIO)

Fox News Host's Outrageous Comment

Fox News' Andrea Tantaros grew so outraged on her Thursday radio show while discussing the Department of Justice targeting journalists that she suggested her listeners "punch" Obama voters "in the face."

News broke earlier this week that the Justice Department labeled Fox News reporter James Rosen a "co-conspirator" during a leak investigation after he published an article on North Korea's nuclear program. The Justice Department obtained access to Rosen's personal email and phone records for five different phone lines used by Fox News. The bombshell story followed another unprecedented report that the Justice Department secretly obtained months of phone records for seven individual Associated Press journalists across 20 different phone lines during another leak investigation.

"Let me tell you how people and journalists are being treated these days," she said. "They are being stalked. They are being spied on. In Missouri, a news station fired an anchor who talked about the IRS shakedown. Yeah—fired. This is how corrupt the left is."

She added, "This is what's happening to our press. This is Obama's America. It's like the Soviet Union. He said he would change the country. He said it ... and a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor and punch them in the face."

Fox News chief Roger Ailes sent a memo to Fox News staffers on Thursday tearing into the Obama administration for the Rosen investigation and affirming his support for the network.


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