Karl Rove Argues With Fox News About Whether Obama Won Ohio (VIDEO)

Fox News Argues With Itself Over Whether Obama Won

Fox News had what can only be described as an insane argument with itself over whether or not President Obama had won Ohio, and the presidency.

The network seemed quite confident in its projections at first, but suddenly, pundit Karl Rove — who, as leader of a huge conservative Super PAC has something of an interest in the outcome of the race — began to pour cold water on the call.

Fox News' Chris Wallace then said that Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign is contesting the network's decision to call President Obama's re-election.

Wallace said:

"Well I have great respect for our decision desk, and I can see that they're very happy in Chicago, but I have to tell you that the Romney camp has real doubts by the call that has been made by us and by other networks. They do not believe that Ohio is in the Obama camp. I just got an email from a top Romney person. I asked, 'Do you agree with our call?' He said 'Not really. It's less than 20 percent of the vote still out in GOP areas.'"

Rove said it was "premature" and "early" to make any real decisions.

"So, maybe not so fast, folks!" Wallace said. There was a pained silence.

"Uh, thank you!" Bret Baier said. "That's awkward," Megyn Kelly added.

Baier then said that he would get someone from the network's election desk to explain why it had made the call. Kelly walked across the office, cameras trailing her, to speak with the number-crunchers.

The number-crunchers calmly repudiated Rove.

"We're actually quite comfortable with the call in Ohio," one of them said. Another said he was "99.9 percent" certain that the president had been re-elected.

"There just aren't enough Republican votes left for Mitt Romney to get there," a fellow decision desk member added.

Rove continued to contest the call. "They know the science!" Kelly responded, exasperatedly. It turned out that nobody was on Rove's side.

"They're not listening to Karl," Kelly said with some finality, as she went to a break.

The world reacted with stammering befuddlement.

Watch Rove arguing with Fox News in the clip above, and Kelly asking the decision desk to confirm its call below:

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