Fox News Host Attacks Katie Couric Over 'Angry Nation' Comment: 'Elite Left Wing Liberal' (VIDEO)

Fox News Host Attacks Katie Couric Over 'Angry Nation' Comment: 'Elite Left Wing Liberal' (VIDEO)

On Fox News "O'Reilly Factor" Thursday night, guest-host Monica Crowley, filling in for Bill O'Reilly, went after "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric for her recent comments that the economic situation has made the United States an "angry nation."

"Way to attract more viewers, Katie," Crowley said, asking, "Is this another example of the elite left-wing media looking down on Americans or is Katie right about the mood of the country?"

Crowley and Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the conservative Media Research Center, attempted to argue that Couric's comments come only as President Obama's approval ratings fall.

"I think it's one thing to say the country is angry," Graham said. "I think that's fair. When she goes on to talk about how there's too much disrespect, that's when you're beginning to see that whole idea of how unfortunate that we would have people who would so publicly and angrily disagree with President Obama."

"I'm wondering, Tim, where Katie Couric was and if her concern about an angry nation when the left was crucifying President Bush as a war criminal and Hitler, when Code Pink was in Condoleezza Rice's face, when there are wall-to-wall, left wing, vicious attacks," Crowley responded. "Where was she in that concern?"

"You know it seems to me that anybody who is an elite left wing liberal, whether they are in the media like Katie Couric or not," Crowley continued, "they are intent on smearing or tarring anybody who might disagree with the liberal agenda."


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