Fox News' Bob Beckel: 'Once Again We Put Something On The Air That's A Flat Out Lie' (VIDEO)

Bob Beckel Calls Out Fox News

Fox News' designated liberal host, Bob Beckel, called out the show he co-hosts on Tuesday for airing a clip that he called "a flat out lie."

Hosts of "The Five" were discussing Rep. Scott Brown's recent political campaign ad, which features clips of previous presidents including Clinton and Carter praising free enterprise, contrasted with a soundbite from President Obama's recent comments on how government pays for the infrastructure crucial to letting businesses thrive. The ad includes Obama saying, "If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own."

Beckel seemed to have no patience for a discussion surrounding the ad. When co-host Dana Perino asked Beckel if he read Obama's comments on teachers and infrastrucutre, Beckel confirmed that he did.

"Yes I did read what he said, and what he said was not what the Republicans said, and once again, we put something on the air that's a flat out lie and distortion."

"It's Scott Brown's ad!" co-host Greg Gutfeld yelled. "How is it lying?" Perino argued.

"Because it's not what [Obama] said in context," Beckel pressed.

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