Fox News' Bob Beckel Swears On Air: 'You Gotta Be So Full Of Sh-t' (VIDEO)

Bob Beckel is quickly becoming Fox News' swearer-in-chief.

The co-host of "The Five" was railing against tax cuts on Thursday, in opposition to all of his more right-wing colleagues. When they told him that they wanted more tax cuts, not less, Beckel lost it.

"You gotta be so full of shit," he said. "I can't believe--"

There was a quick round of crosstalk as three different people told him to watch his mouth. After a commercial break, Beckel addressed his cursing.

"I apologize for a slip of the tongue," he said. "I don't think I said it, but if I did I apologize."

It's at least the second time Beckel has sworn (or almost sworn) on air.