Fox News Calls Ohio For Obama As Rove Says McCain Needs Ohio To Win

Fox News called Ohio for Barack Obama while Karl Rove was in the middle of an electoral map analysis that said John McCain will have a nearly impossible road to victory without Ohio.

"If he loses Ohio," Rove said of McCain, "he goes from 286, which the Republicans carried in 2004, down to 266, and that puts him below the 270 threshold needed to win the White House. So he'd not only need to sweep the rest of these states which were won by the Republicns in 2004, he'd also need to pick up something as well."

"Guess what Karl," Brit Hume broke in, "I've just received word that the state of Ohio has gone for Barack Obama."

Watch, as Rove sketches out McCain's improbable last hope for a road to the White House, which goes through the solidly blue states of California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Michigan (he would need one of those to win the White House):