Fox News' Egypt Graphic Fail From 2009 (PICTURE)

Twitter has been abuzz today over an image from Fox News showing a map of the Middle East. What's the hubbub? Well, for starters, the map shows Egypt as being where Iraq should be, and, we guess, some other anonymous country in Egypt's spot.

But the bigger news is that the image is, in fact, old news. It was originally circulated two years ago, presumably to show that Fox News doesn't know where Iraq is on a map. But Egypt, Iraq...same difference, as long as Fox News gets the credit for being wrong, right?

Here's the original image in all its glory:

So while the map itself may have been a legitimate gaffe on Fox News' part (and not the work of a miscreant with mad Photoshop skills) it's at the very least, an old gaffe. We certainly don't condone misinformation of any kind, but we can understand the zest with which the Internet has passed this around today. As Harris K. Telemacher almost said in "LA Story," "An erroneous Fox News graphic may not be the truth, but it's what we wish were true."

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