Fox News Hosts Have Full-On Feline Freakout Over Cats On Campus Study

“I don't think these kids need cats, I think they need discipline. I think they need a slap in the face," sniped "Outnumbered" co-host Emily Compagno.

Fox News personalities were not fe-line a new study that suggests college students with highly reactive emotions could benefit from campus interactions with cats, as they have with dogs in the past.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Outnumbered,” co-host Emily Compagno kicked off the panel’s freakout over the findings by snarking that college students have it “so rough these days.”

“From climate anxiety to just the idea of a conservative speaker on campus, it is all so stressful,” Compagno sniped. “Well now, thankfully, a new study has found that interventions with cats on campuses may help stressed-out students. I guess the taxpayers picking up their student loan tab wasn’t enough.”

It was “just another example of how we are raising snowflakes,” chimed in Julie Banderas, who went on to suggest that people who need emotional support animals may be better off dropping out of college.

“I don’t think these kids need cats, I think they need discipline. I think they need a slap in the face,” Compagno responded, before pivoting to a slew of right-wing talking points.

“These are the same kids that get a professor fired for being too hard on their way to medical school. These are kids that can’t even listen to a conservative viewpoint. They shout out speakers. They chase them off campus,” she said. “But a cat will make everything better. That doesn’t work in the real world.”

Kayleigh McEnany, a former White House press secretary for Donald Trump and now an anchor on the conservative network, called the concept of students petting cats “a distraction for kids who don’t want to study.”

“I don’t need to be coddling a puppy. I need my organic chemistry book — this is insanity,” McEnany declared. “Give me a cup of coffee, a cookie, a stack of books and I’m set. I don’t need a puppy in my lap to study for exams.”

Tammy Bruce claimed it was “part of the indoctrination.”

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