Fox News Brands U.S. Citizens With Undocumented Parents As 'Children Of The Corn'

Fox News Coins Outrageous Name For Latino Kids

This probably isn't the best way to reach Latino viewers.

In a segment titled "The Grapevine," Fox News referred to undocumented youth as "children of the corn" in a graphic prominently displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

Chris Wallace guest-hosted the Sept. 19 edition of Fox News "Special Report," according to Media Matters, where he summarized a recent analysis by Los Angeles County estimating that undocumented parents would receive $650 million in government assistance this year. The report neglects to mention that the parents are receiving the government benefits to assist their U.S. citizen children.

While Wallace speaks, a graphic appears with the title "Children of the Corn" -- the title of a horror story by Stephen King that has been adapted to film. It's not clear why the producers chose that title, though corn is traditionally an important element of the Mexican diet.

Wallace opens the segment by saying the figures amount to more "proof of the economic impact of the immigration debate." Despite the framing of the report, economists generally agree that immigration fosters economic growth, though it can have negative impacts on some workers who compete directly with undocumented workers.

Watch the video of Fox News referring to U.S. citizens as "children of the corn" above and let us know what you think of the word choice in the comments below.

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