Fox News Host Wonders If Clinton's Chipotle Stop Was 'Hispanic Outreach'

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros wondered Tuesday whether Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton recently stopped at a Chipotle outside Toledo, Ohio, in order to make inroads with Latino voters.

During a segment of “Outnumbered,” Tantaros and co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery debated the meaning of Clinton's low-profile appearance at the Mexican-themed chain. Clinton and at least one aide, her longtime adviser Huma Abedin, had lunch at the restaurant on Monday. They did not announce their presence and went unrecognized by the restaurant's staff.

Noting that “someone said on Twitter that she looked hung over,” Tantaros asked Montgomery about the meal. Montgomery speculated that Clinton may have thought Chipotle would be “food of the people” that wouldn’t be too “icky” or “ethnic.”

“Was it maybe Hispanic outreach?” Tantaros said. “She heard [Sen. Marco] Rubio was announcing, so she thought, 'Let’s go to a Chipotle and get some pico de gallo.'”

The "fast-casual" food chain serves American variations of Mexican food. Clinton had not announced the stop, and workers at the Chipotle location didn’t recognize her until a manager later reviewed security footage at the request of The New York Times.