Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Previous Presidents' National Emergencies Have Been ‘Real’

Wallace doesn't think "there's ever been a declaration of emergency" like Donald Trump's over the border wall.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace picked apart Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to release money for his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall by suggesting that those enacted by previous presidents were “on real” issues.

Wallace explained on Friday’s broadcast of “Shep Smith Reporting” how “there are 30 or 31 emergencies” that have “been enacted by earlier presidents that are still active.”

“But they are on very different matters,” he noted. “They’re on real national emergencies, just things like freezing the funding, the assets in this country of terrorists.”

Wallace said he didn’t think “there’s ever been a declaration of emergency” like Trump’s over the wall, which he noted followed a years-long debate.