Fox News' Chris Wallace Nails Why Donald Trump Testifying Would Be A Terrible Idea

The Fox host used an analogy about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein to make his case.

Fox News host Chris Wallace used an analogy about Prince Andrew to explain why it would be an awful idea for Donald Trump to testify in the House impeachment inquiry, despite the president’s claim that he may do so.

Trump on Monday tweeted:

Wallace, on Tuesday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” explained why it would be “unwise.”

“I would think that would be akin to Prince Andrew testifying about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, which one British critic said was like an airplane crashing into an oil tanker causing a tsunami that set off a nuclear explosion,” Wallace noted, in reference to the British royal’s controversial interview with the BBC over the weekend in which he attempted to defend his relationship with the late billionaire pedophile Epstein.

“It’s an entertaining thing and it certainly got us all talking,” Wallace added. “But my guess is it’s not gonna happen and if it did, it would be a very controversial and unwise policy by the president.”

Check out the clip here:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday similarly expressed doubt that Trump would testify in the inquiry against himself. “If he doesn’t know that you and I know that he knows he isn’t going to ever testify, then he must think we are all idiots,” he claimed.

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