Fox News Whine About CNN Fact-Checking Gets ... Fact-Checked

The Fox News personalities' claim quickly fell apart under the lightest of scrutiny.

Fox News personalities on Friday complained about CNN’s fact-checking of President Joe Biden — and were sharply fact-checked in response.

Fox’s Dan Bongino and contributor Joe Concha falsely suggested fact-checkers in the press who held ex-President Donald Trump to account for his thousands of lies have suddenly vanished since Biden took office.

“What I find particularly offensive about the media in the new two-month Biden era here is, where are the fact-checkers?” asked Bongino. “Where are the fact-checkers now? They seem to have all disappeared.”

“The ones on television, Dan, certainly have,” Concha responded. “After every Trump appearance, there would be, for instance, CNN’s fact-checker at the ready, comes out of the on-deck circle and then goes through X, Y, Z.”

“This guy, you could find Edward Snowden before you can find CNN’s fact-checker on television at this point,” Concha said.

Watch the video here:

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy responded on Twitter, noting how the network’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale continues to scrutinize Biden ― and even appeared on TV on Thursday to debunk some of the claims that Biden made during his first press conference as president.

“Might be worth watching CNN’s coverage — or at least doing a simple scan of his work, which is available on his CNN bio page — before going on-air and trashing it!” Darcy tweeted.

“Like this really isn’t hard stuff,” Darcy added, linking to Dale’s on-air fact check of Biden:

Dale, meanwhile, hit back at accusations he was taking a different tone on Biden. “If Biden behaved identically to Trump from a fact-check perspective, the fact-check coverage would be identical,” he wrote. “Since they’re not identical, the coverage is not identical. This is not a complicated concept.”

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