Fox News Pundit Admits She Watches CNN 'If I Want To Know About News'

Fox News Contributor Makes Startling Confession About CNN

Fox News contributor Lauren Ashburn was promoting the wrong network Sunday when she admitted that she goes to CNN for her news.

The MediaBuzz roundtable was discussing how CNN appears to be covering "nothing else" except for the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370. Fox News' Howard Kurtz argued that CNN has made itself the target to a lot of speculation, but Ashburn butted in to say that this non-stop coverage may actually be a good thing.

"If I want to know about news, I do turn to CNN because it is 24/7!" she said.

Ashburn added that CNN is "taking [its coverage] to the next level," and although her point was ultimately that the network is neglecting other key stories in the news, she couldn't quite seem to stop tooting their horn.

"CNN is primed for this," Ashburn said. "They have amazing news resources across the country that can cover this."

Watch the video for the full clip.

(h/t: The Wrap)

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