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Fox News Continues to Suggest Israel Did Not Bomb Qana

For those keeping track of the Middle East spin game, this means Fox News has now outflanked the Israeli government.
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This really is remarkable, even by Fox News standards. Four days after the Israeli government admitted to, and apologized for, mistakenly bombing a civilian apartment building in the Lebanese town of Qana and killing 60 innocents in the process, American right-wingers continue to scramble, trying to create a parallel universe explanation where fungible facts show it wasn't Israel's fault at all. In fact, Israel's the victim of a massive Qana hoax. Naturally, Fox News' high-profile hosts and guests are leading the delusional charge.

Earlier this week FNC host Oliver North, discussing the bombing in Qana, lamented the fact that "whether the Israelis did it or not, the Israelis are going to get blamed for it." [Emphasis added.] North also clearly suggested the civilians in Qana may have been "killed by Hezbollah." (Killed for public relations reasons, according to the wing nut logic.)

More recently, Fox News contributing analyst, the willfully fact-free Michelle Malkin (she's the one who during the Terri Schiavo controversy was certain--certain!--the GOP talking points memo was a fake; she's the one who suggested Sen. John Kerry shot himself on purpose while serving in Vietnam), announced the grief broadcast from Qana was "manufactured," that the photos of the rubble there looked "staged," and that Hezbelloh was likely responsible for the carnage. Fox News host Bill O'Reilly quickly agreed, insisting, "It doesn't matter if there is an investigation that shows Hezbelloh killed their own people" in Qana.

For those keeping track of the Middle East spin game, that means Fox News has now outflanked the Israeli government.

UPDATE: Two Jordanian producers announce they'll refuse to work with FNC due to its "blatant one-sided" approach to reporting. But don't expect to hear a peep from the American MSM; Fox's journalism sins are not to be seriously documented. It's a Beltway tradition.

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