Supercut Exposes Fox's Stunning Hypocrisy On Trump Coronavirus Coverage

The right-wing news network handled Obama's response to the Ebola crisis very differently.

Many of the voices on Fox News are praising President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak despite its delays, mismanagement and outright lies. But just a few years ago, they took the complete opposite approach to how President Barack Obama’s administration managed the Ebola crisis.  

Last month. Trump claimed the number of coronavirus cases in the country would soon be “close to zero,” an assertion that was at odds with public health officials and epidemiologists. 

There were 15 at the time. Now, the number of U.S. cases has topped 1,000 and public health agencies have struggled to obtain both accurate information and materials, including tests for the virus, from the administration.

In response, Fox News hosts have not only praised Trump, they’ve also slammed any criticism of his administration’s response as part of a conspiracy to bring down the president

A new supercut from the progressive group Media Matters shows the very different ways in which Fox News covered Obama and Trump: