Fox News To Issue Correction For Misleading 'Fox & Friends' Graphic On Unemployment

Fox News will air a correction for a misleading graphic that appeared on Tuesday's "Fox & Friends," Mediaite reported.

The program ran into some mathematical difficulty when it threw up a graphic about changes in the unemployment rate during President Obama's tenure.

Liberal watchdog Media Matters noticed a discrepancy in the figures:

fox and friends

The show's mistake was to compare the official unemployment figure in 2009 with the so-called "real" unemployment figure in 2012. That figure takes into account data which is not included in the official number, such as people who have stopped looking for work. Thus, it is always higher than the official figure. (Official unemployment is actually .3 percentage points higher than in 2009, while "real" unemployment is .7 percentage points lower.

Fox News told Mediaite that a correction will air on tomorrow's "Fox & Friends."

The morning show has courted controversy before, especially when it ran a four-minute anti-Obama attack video that Fox News was forced to repudiate.



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