Fox News Guest Accuses Network Of Creating 'Cloud Of Corruption' Around Hillary Clinton

Fox News' Megyn Kelly found herself defending her own network Tuesday night after attempting to criticize Hillary Clinton following a new report that Clinton had a controversial email history with Sidney Blumenthal.

Kelly brought on former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton to discuss a New York Times report published Tuesday that revealed Blumenthal, a longtime friend of Clinton, had sent reports about Libya intelligence to Clinton's private email address during her time as secretary of state.

Kelly said the situation "raises questions about [Clinton's] judgment," but Burton argued that everyone in the White House has friends who send them information, and said the story will have little effect on Clinton's reputation. He added that he found the Times report to be "a confusing story" and unclear.

Kelly pressed Burton further on why there seemed to be a "cloud of corruption that follows" Clinton, to which Burton replied, “Maybe it just only follows her around on your network.”

But it was The New York Times that broke both stories about Clinton's private email account and her relationship with Blumenthal, Kelly pushed back.

"The right is going to take these news reports and they're going to talk about them as much as they can, because they think that they can really make ground by going after anything that smells like scandal," Burton said. He told Kelly that if Republicans continue to talk about Hillary Clinton at this rate, they "don't stand a chance" in the 2016 presidential election.