Fox News Totally Botches Slam On Unhealthy 'Blue' Cities, Which Were Actually Healthiest

The real "Top Ten" unhealthiest cities in an analysis cited by Dan Bongino's "Unfiltered" program are all in Red states.

Fox News completely upended statistics it claimed proved that Democrats run the unhealthiest cities in the nation.

The Fox face-plant Saturday evening was spotted by Twitter sleuth @Acyn, and got a shout-out from CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale.

Dan Bongino, host of “Unfiltered” — who has been permanently banned by for spinning COVID liessavaged Democrats in the “Tale of Two Cities” episode for running what a dramatic map behind him targeted as the “Top Ten” unhealthiest cities in America.

But, oops — all the cities clearly labeled in the map Bongino displayed, including San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, Washington, Austin and Denver — are the healthiest in the country, according to a WalletHub analysis, the very source cited by the program.

Bongino’s map also mistakenly names “Irving” in Texas in the Top 10 list. The WalletHub analysis actually refers to “Irvine,” a city in California, as among the healthiest.

The actual unhealthiest cities named in the WalletHub analysis cited in Bongino’s program include cities in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia and Tennessee — all red states.

Viewers on Twitter reported that Bongino’s program was modified when it was repeated later Saturday night — without the blatantly inaccurate map listing the “most unhealthy” cities.

Still, Bongino scapegoated Democrats for running unhealthy cities. The second time around, Bongino’s Dem-attack narrative was presented over videos of apparently homeless people in unidentified locations.

Fox News critics on Twitter loved the goof-up, even though many thought it was a new low for the network.

Fox News told The Daily Beast that it “regrets the error” and that a correction will be issued next week on Bongino’s program.

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