Fox News Hosts Rail Against David Gregory For 'Insane' Glenn Greenwald Question (VIDEO)

Fox News Hosts Rage Against David Gregory

Some Fox News hosts were not happy with "Meet The Press" host David Gregory after Sunday's show.

On Monday's "The Five," the roundtable of hosts raged at Gregory for asking Glenn Greenwald if The Guardian reporter should be charged with a crime for his work with Edward Snowden, the person responsible for leaking top-secret information about the National Security Agency's secret surveillance programs.

"I don't know where Gregory is coming off doing this," co-host Bob Beckel said after the "The Five" replayed a clip from Sunday's "Meet The Press." He added, "Gregory to ask that question is just a hypocrite as far as I'm concerned."

"It's absolutely insane," co-host Eric Bolling said of Gregory's question. "We need more Glenn Greenwalds, we don't need fewer of them ... Bottom line, David Gregory is carrying water for the Obama administration by asking that question."

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post's Michael Calderone on Monday, Greenwald called Gregory's question "a gift:"

At some level, I feel like it's Christmas and I’ve been given the greatest, best gift that I could wish for. My critique of the D.C. media has long been that instead of being adversaries to government power -- to the government and political power -- they’re servants to it and mouthpieces for it.

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