Fox News Thinks Its Infamous Reza Aslan Interview Was Just Fine (VIDEO)

Fox News tackled its infamous interview with Reza Aslan on Wednesday. Not surprisingly, the network saw nothing wrong with it.

"America Live" fill-in host Shannon Bream largely dismissed the controversy that emerged after religion correspondent Lauren Green repeatedly questioned Aslan about why he, as a Muslim, was writing a book about Jesus. Saying it had been churned up by "liberal" and "far-left" media outlets, she brought on conservative media critic Brent Bozell to agree with her. (Fox News has a media critic on its payroll, but Howard Kurtz was apparently unavailable.)

Bozell said he wanted to "applaud" Green for asking whether Aslan was biased, that Aslan couldn't be a "very good Muslim" if he was defending himself as a mere scholar, and that he was misrepresenting his academic credentials and couldn't have read all the books he said he'd read.

Also, he said Green was a great person. Bream agreed with that too, and plugged her upcoming story on people who were attacking Christians.



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