Fox News Roasted After Graphic Refers To '3 Mexican Countries'

"Fox & Friends" appeared to struggle with geography while discussing Trump's plan to cut aid to Central America.

Fox News had trouble with geography Sunday when it broadcast an erroneous graphic that referred to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as “Mexican countries,” earning ridicule from social media.

The network’s morning show, “Fox & Friends,” was discussing President Donald Trump’s plan to cut aid to the three Central American nations when it displayed the graphic: “Trump cuts U.S. aid to 3 Mexican countries.”

El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are independent nations, located south of Mexico, a separate country that is not part of Central America. Trump has blamed those three countries for a recent influx of asylum-seekers to the U.S-Mexico border.

Many of the migrants have sought asylum in the U.S. because of troubling conditions within their home countries for which the U.S. has provided relief. There are now concerns that cutting off financial aid could eliminate programs that have kept people from migrating northward.

Fox News later issued an apology and correction for the graphic, but not before it was caught by viewers who had plenty of jokes to chime in with.