Laura Ingraham Gives Donald Trump’s Disastrous Town Hall The Full Fox News Treatment

"The Ingraham Angle" host put her own conspiratorial spin on the tough questions that voters posed to the president on ABC News.

Fox NewsLaura Ingraham conspiratorially accused ABC News of ambushing Donald Trump with its televised town hall with the president on Tuesday.

Trump faced tough questions from undecided voters — and criticism of his administration’s catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic — in the broadcast hosted by George Stephanopoulos.

The president tried to blame Democratic nominee Joe Biden for not implementing a national mask mandate — despite the fact that Biden is not the president and does not have the authority to do so — and was challenged by a voter on his attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Trump also stumbled when talking about the concept of herd immunity, calling it “herd mentality.”

Ingraham, who often uses her widely watched prime time show to defend Trump, suggested the Democratic National Committee had “put the whole thing on.” She also called Stephanopoulos, who served as White House communications director for former President Bill Clinton, a “former Clintonite.”

“The president loves mixing it up with everybody,” Ingraham said in praise of the president.

She noted how Trump was recently interviewed by Jonathan Swan of Axios (during which he dismissed the soaring death toll from COVID-19) and had talked with the famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward some 18 times for his new book, “Rage.” One of the book’s most damning revelations is that Trump knew and understood the deadly nature of COVID-19 as early as February but repeatedly chose to mislead Americans by downplaying the danger.

“And now he did this. But this was an ambush,” Ingraham said of the town hall. “And Biden’s not going to take any questions like this. He’s not going to get any questions like this.”

“So why did the president decide to do this, to open himself up to a room full of basically Trump resistance?” she asked Trump 2020 pollster John McLaughlin.

McLaughlin put his own spin on the broadcast, claiming Trump “did very well” and calling it “a win” for the president.

Check out the clip here: