Fox News Panel Flips Out Over Father's Day Hoax

WATCH: Fox News Panel Flips Out

Fox News hosts were aghast at a Twitter campaign to end Father's Day on Sunday.

The campaign, however, was all a hoax started by internet pranksters at 4chan.

Yes, "Fox and Friends" host Tucker Carlson said on Sunday that the trending hashtag #EndFathersDay "started as a joke," but was gaining traction online with feminists. He and guest Susan Patton -- also known as Princeton Mom -- didn't think the tweets were funny.

"They’re not just interested in ending Father’s Day, they’re interested in ending men,” Patton said about the people who wrote the messages. “That’s really what they want.”

"There's a reason there are more women in poverty now than in my lifetime, is because there are more unmarried women," Carlson added. "When you crush men, you hurt women."

Patton agreed. Others on Twitter also hit out against feminists for the tweets, which Jezebel reported was 4chan's goal in starting the hoax.

Watch the segment in the clip above.

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