Fox News Exec Who Wrote Inflammatory Olympics Op-Ed Retires

John Moody wrote that the 2018 Winter Olympics should be called "darker, gayer, different."

The Fox News executive editor who wrote an anti-diversity op-ed railing against the U.S. Olympic Committee for celebrating a diverse Team USA has retired from the network, CNN reported Thursday.

John Moody, who also served as an executive vice president, made headlines last month when he wrote that the USOC “would like to change” the Olympics slogan from “Faster, Higher, Stronger” to “Darker, Gayer, Different.”

He added, “If your goal is to win medals, that won’t work.”

The column was written in response to the USOC celebrating that Team USA’s Winter Olympics delegation of athletes was the most diverse in the county’s history. The team was overwhelmingly white and far less diverse than the 2016 Summer Olympics team.

The column was posted for about a day before Fox News retracted the article and removed it from the website. A spokesperson told HuffPost at the time: “John Moody’s column does not reflect the views or values of FOX News.”

CNN reported that Fox News said Moody had retired, which the network said he was planning to do before he wrote the column and it received so much negative reaction.

Moody has been with the network for decades. According to Variety, he was considered a possible replacement for former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after the executive stepped down in the summer of 2016 amid mounting sexual harassment allegations.