Fox News 'Fair And Balanced' Slogan Believed By Plurality In New Poll

Fair And Balanced?

Good news, Fox News! A plurality of people believe that your slogan is true.

On Sunday, polling companyPoll Position released the results of a survey, which asked people whether they thought Fox News' slogan "Fair and Balanced" really represented the cable network's position when reporting news. Pollsters telephoned a total of 1,123 registered voters in the United States and analyzed the data based on political party affiliation and race.

Poll results showed that 46 percent of respondents believed Fox News was "fair and balanced," while 38 percent of respondents said Fox News was not. A total of 17 percent responded that they had no opinion on the subject. Politico reported that "as expected, the survey found a huge partisan gap in how respondents view the network." When the data was analyzed based on political party affiliation, the poll showed that 77 percent of Republicans believed Fox News was "fair and balanced," while 63 percent of Democrats polled did not agree that Fox News kept up to their slogan's promise. Independents were roughly split down the middle.

The results among African-American, white and Latino respondents also demonstrated a difference in opinion. Poll Position reported that 35 percent of whites said that Fox News was not fair and balances, compared to 45 percent of African-Americans and 47 percent of Latinos who felt that way.


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