Fox News Guests Redefine Feminism And It's Scary

Get ready, because Fox News guests are redefining feminism.

The female hosts of the online show "PolitiChicks" appeared on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to discuss their new book and to let all the feminists out there know that they've been doing it all wrong.

The conservative women argued that feminists of today are like "cavewomen" and "putting us back into the stone ages" by wrongly sexualizing women. They told Fox News host Anna Kooiman that the "new" kind of feminism was for "women who really want to be women."

"We are here with a new brand of feminism, saying drop the shackles of the old feminism," PolitiChicks' Gina Loudon said. "It’s time for women who really want to be women, who want to be feminine, who want to be what God designed them to be."

But besides presuming to know what God really wanted, the women also announced that they know the truth about what women really want. So for all you women out there wondering what it is you should be wanting, here it is, from the women on Fox News:

"They want less government in their lives, they want to make their own decisions, they want freedom to choose for their children and their families. That's what women really want. And they also want real men. We love real men."

Watch the video for the full clip on Fox News.

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