Fox News Hosts Mock Facebook's New Gender Options

Come On, Fox News

Fox News personalities think Facebook's decision to provide users with options other than "male" or "female" for their gender is just hilarious.

The social networking site has added over 50 new options for users' gender. That drew a whole bunch of mockery from "Fox and Friends" on Friday morning.

After reporting the story, host Elisabeth Hasselbeck threw to the network's Clayton Morris, who she called "the male." "No, I changed mine to intersex," Morris joked in response.

Tucker Carlson told "Fox and Friends" viewers that one of the new options was "intersex, whatever that is."

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes also sounded off on the changes in a Facebook post, writing, "What if you identify as a pine cone or a chicken or a weed whacker?"

Click over to Media Matters for a mash-up of all the comments.

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